Interior designers + frequent travellers, we’re passionate about creating spaces that are distinct + memorable, standing out from the competition. We’ve stayed in our fair share of soulless hotels + more than enough Airbnbs with cringe worthy kitchens + bathrooms to know that the hospitality industry needed innovating.



Cara is style personified. With her, it’s all about the details and none of them are deserving of the label ‘small’. Every item she touches from the most functional to purely aesthetic, is intentional and curated. As far as we’re concerned King Midas has nothing on this girl. If you ever get the pleasure of eating one of her high tea cream cheese and salmon sandwiches you’ll know what we mean. 

Qualifying as an Interior Designer in 2013 her experience includes time spent working under Kim H, Maira Koutsoudakis and ISG PLC, a global construction services company. Breaking off, to start her own graphic and interior design firm in 2017, Cara Friedman is fast becoming one of South Africa’s young designers to watch. Her and her husband Aden have more coffee table books and objet than two people should own.




Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. After 8 years, working every day in marketing, Lucy decided it was time to do what she loves - interior design. After running a successful home staging business for 4 years, Illuminate Home Staging, the move to start another business in the property rental space was an easy one to make. 

Lucy is all about designing spaces that take your breath away, on a budget that doesn’t get your car taken away.  A self taught designer she’s married to Jacques, an investment banker and understands how our clients think. The yin to Cara’s yang, Lucy loves all things light; bright and airy. She's booked enough beach house inspired Airbnbs to prove it. Lucy and Jacques have two photogenic cats that are so low maintenance, she has enough free time to run two businesses.

We create that ‘thing’ in a space that you can’t quite put your finger on but it’s why you don’t want to leave, why you want to book again and why you want to give it a five star review.
— Design Air